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The flyboard attaches to rider's feet by a pair of boots like a snowboard or wakeboard allowing the rider to preform moves much like its counterparts can. Once you have gained some skill you'll be diving through the water like a dolphin and shooting straight up out of the water like a super human!

How does it work?

Power/thrust is controlled by the instructor on the jet-ski and a hose connected from the jet-ski to the board pumps the water through to the board attached to the rider's feet.  Jets on the board then redirect out the water rapidly. By pointing toes down whilst lying belly down the water pressure will propel the rider up into the air.  

Who can Flyboard?

If you're over 16, have a sense of adventure and are itching for new and exciting experiences....this is for you! It is a very intuitive sport and physical fitness is not an important factor required to master it. You do not need to have any experience as the skilled instructors will guide you through your flyboard lesson.

There is no weight restriction.

After approx. 10 mins you will have gained your balance and can attempt some wicked moves and tricks

Where can I Flyboard in Cairns?

Flyboard Cairns operates 5-7 days a week at our primary site in Marlin Marina just 2 minutes outside of the Cairns CBD. We can also operate at Palm Cove, Yorkey's Knob and Lake Tinaroo. 

Note: Flyboard Cairns operations are dependent on fair weather. Operating hours and locations may often vary. Therefore the providers encourage you to contact us 24hrs prior to your session, so that we can update you on our location.

Do I require any previous experience to Flyboard?

It is very easy and remarkably intuitive, and no previous experience is needed. 

How long will it take me to learn to Flyboard?

We find that everyone is different. It takes an average time of about 10 minutes to get out of the water, and another 15 minutes to learn how to maneuver. Our instructors will be continually observing your safety, and ensure you get the most fun out of your session.

Operating Hours:

Wed - Fri

 9am - 5pm

Sunrise Tour
Fri, Sat, Sun

 6am - 8am

Flyboard Packages

30 minute flight and lesson 2+ metres high

  • Power swim on your stomach incorporating S Turns and zig zags
  • Forward Dolphin dives
  • Hover
  • Board grabs
  • Back flips
  • Vertical twisters
  • Horizontal corkscrew

60 minute flight and lesson 2-4+ metres high

  • Hover higher
  • Execute all tricks when comfortable backwards
  • Backward dives



Tour Rates:

Between: April 30, 2018 - June 29, 2019

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Flyboard Cairns - 30 minute Flight
AU$ 169.00
Flyboard Cairns - 60 minute Flight
AU$ 299.00
Flyboard Cairns - Sunrise Session
AU$ 498.00