Cairns ZOOM & Wildlife Dome

Tropical Islands

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The Cairns Wildlife Dome houses over 400 individual animals, nearly 60 species of birds, mammals, reptiles, frogs and fish. Complimentary guided tours and animal presentations take place throughout the day, providing an interactive learning experience about rainforest wildlife and superb photo opportunities

10am & 4pm Feeding Tour
See the amazing rainforest birds at their most active

11am & 2pm - Reptile Show
Witness a spectacular display featuring pythons, crocodiles & lizards

1pm - Koala Talk
Get in depth knowledge about the koala's from the talented wildlife keepers

3pm - Crocodile Show
Meet Goliath the 4 metre Estuarine Croc. Note there are seasonal variations to his feeding routine.

5pm - Nocturnal Mammals
Learn about Australian nocturnal mammals

Adventure & Adrenaline Rush

If your up for a bit of adventure try the world’s first Challenge Ropes Course at Cairns Zoom  Experience adventure at varying heights and levels of difficulty on the Mid-ZOOM and Hi-ZOOM courses with 65 elements of crossings and ziplines – including one which takes you directly over a 4 metre saltwater crocodile! The PowerJump is a free-fall adventure with a 13m drop, whilst the Dome-Climb offers spectacular views of the city, the Coral Sea and surrounding landscapes.

Mid Zoom Rope Course
An easier level of difficulty suitable for beginners, young people and as an introduction for the Hi-Zoom.
Participants will start out on a 30cm high training element before exploring 27 different elements including: a spider’s web, seesaw, chairs and a snakes and ladders climbing wall. Reaching no more than 3 metres in height, the mid-course is more suitable for participants afraid of heights. One Adult is required to supervise every 2 children between the heights of 120cm and 140cm.

The Hi Zoom Rope Course
Provides a greater level of difficulty for our more adventurous visitors! It consists of more complex crossings and ziplines, including 3 ziplines – one of which takes you directly over Goliath the crocodile! The course winds its way up through the Dome, with some elements almost 20m above ground level! You’ll meet lots of our birds as you make your way through the course – it’s a fantastic way to get up close with our parrots and other species. Oh, and don’t forget to smile as you zipline over Goliath! You’ll be able to purchase your photo at the end if you like – the perfect souvenir to take home!

Note - Participants must have previously completed Mid-ZOOm before attempting Hi-ZOOm.

The Power Jump
This enthralling component is a free fall adventure, where you jump off a 13m high tower attached by rope to make a rapid descent, with a fan device ensuring a gentle and smooth landing.

The Dome Climb
Some of the best views of Cairns! As you walk around the external 60cm wide platform, you’ll see Cairns from all angles – out to the Trinity Inlet and Coral Sea, down towards Walsh’s Pyramid in Gordonvale, across to the mountains west of Cairns, and north to the beaches. It’s pretty special! You’ll be safely tethered to the rooftop with our SafeRoller belay system, allowing you to roam with both hands free – that means plenty of selfie and photo opportunities!

If you’ve ever wanted to join the circus and become a tightrope walker, then try our Slacklining activity. Don’t worry if you’ve never done it before, you’ll be connected to our Saferoller continuous belay system the whole time so you’ll never fall off! The 450 metre cable has a breaking strain of 12000kg (12 tonnes).

The Commando Rope Climb
A 13m rope suspended from the Power Jump platform. If you fancy yourself a bit of a fitness freak, then this is the challenge for you!

Pirate Climb
If you thought the cargo net on the Mid-ZOOM course wasn’t enough, then the Pirate Climb is the perfect challenge for you! Stretching from the base of the Dome all the way up to the top of the Power Jump platform. Needless to say, the 13m high cargo net is a great way to challenge yourself! 






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Between: March 31, 2019 - March 30, 2020

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