Why not Choose Palm Cove for your Holiday

Palm Cove is a charming small town and magnificent beach area about 20 kilometres north of Cairns.

The atmosphere there is significantly different to Cairns and its own beaches, as the ambiance in Palm Cove is rather more of a small town tropical escape in just about every respect. 

The coastal region here is particularly attractive with offshore islands and palm-lined beaches. The esplanade is scattered with restaurants, cafes and chic, as well as slightly alternative, shops and boutiques. 

This backdrop is so picturesque that the area is extremely popular as a wedding venue, so much so that there is one or more almost every day and it is known in some circles as the ‘wedding capital of Australia’.

Palm Cove is also unusual in that it is one of those now relatively unusual parts of Australia where you can still see wildlife in the town centre including things such as kangaroos and a wide variety of exotic tropical birds. So, for nature lovers it is a treasure trove and virtual paradise!

The esplanade is a beautiful area liberally equipped with picnic tables and barbecues plus a children’s play area. There’s a walking path running the full length of Palm Cove down to the jetty. Strolling along here is a favourite pastime, particularly in the evenings. 

We offer a wide range of special and highly luxurious accommodation. Palm Cove is well known for having some of the most indulgent accommodation complexes around and our clients are always happy in them.

We can also offer a range of special deals at certain times of the year and it’s a good idea to keep in touch with our website accordingly.  

However, enough of our description! Why not make the effort to get up here as soon as possible and see the beauties of Palm Cove for yourself?

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