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Added : January 14, 2016, 21:57 pm
Last Updated : April 20, 2016, 13:56 pm
Title : Why is Far North Queensland so Popular

This is a question we hear from many of our first-time overseas clients who have never visited us previously.  More surprisingly perhaps, we are also asked it by potential Australian clients who have never explored our region.

Well, as you might expect, we are biased!  We are native Queenslanders and we love tropical Far North Queensland but even so, let’s do our best to try and
objectively pick out some of the main reasons why this area is ideal for a holiday.

  • The weather.  A tropical climate up here means year-round warm seas, beautiful palm-lined beaches of golden sand and a chance to really soak up some of that ambiance.
  • The coastline.  We have already touched on the beaches, which are simply some of the best in the world, yet we also have to mention the crystal-clear seas and that fantastic natural attraction of the Great Barrier Reef.
  • The countryside.  Tropical rain forests, hills, wildlife – we have it all up here and it’s all within easy reach of our Cairns accommodation or indeed our apartments anywhere along the coast. 
  • The leisure industry.  This is sometimes overlooked when stressing the virtues of this area because however much you like the sun, sea and countryside, there is a fair chance you are going to want to do other things while you are on holiday too. So the almost endless list of activities here, running across almost all sports and hobbies, means that you can be constantly active and keeping yourself entertained at the same time.
  • The people.  We don’t think you’ll find friendlier Australians anywhere!
  • The unspoilt charm.  Far North Queensland is still coast and countryside as itis meant to be – relatively untouched by human hand. 

If we haven’t convinced you with that brief list of our great natural advantages, then we probably never will! 

Why don’t you come up and see for yourself?   

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