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Added : January 14, 2016, 21:57 pm
Last Updated : April 19, 2016, 23:13 pm
Title : Why Holidays are Important for your Health

This is a subject we’ve touched on before and we’re not going to apologise for raising it again.

A recent medical report has discussed why sometimes even super-fit professional athletes suffer coronary attacks when they should, in theory, be amongst some of the lowest-risk groups.

The report has highlighted a number of causative factors but two of those mentioned are stress and a lack of sleep.

Of course, whether you are fit or unfit, your life may be subject to stress on a day to day basis and we all know how hard it is to get a good night’s sleep given the combined pressures of professional and family life. Yet those joint factors of stress and insufficient sleep are now believed to play a significant part in increasing the risk of arterial fissures and associated sticky blood clotting that could put your health or perhaps even your life at risk.

Most medical exports are now convinced of the need for people to reduce the amount of stress they are under in their daily lives and to take a break including holidays more frequently. 

So, we’ll say again that you really should be thinking about taking it a bit easier and getting away from things more often.

To show that we are being unbiased, let’s say clearly that could be to anywhere and not necessarily just to our very special Palm Cove apartments accommodation or anywhere else we offer. It’s more important that we persuade you to take more frequent breaks for your health than to convince you to come and visit us in FNQ.

Your health is important and it may be easier to irreparably damage it than you might think.  So, try to get away from the normal routine with all its stresses a few times a year. Your health may need it.


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