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Added : January 14, 2016, 21:57 pm
Last Updated : April 20, 2016, 14:28 pm
Title : What Food Will You Find in Far North Queensland
One of the things we are very proud of in this part of the world is our cuisine.
There are lots of tropical delicacies served in this area which you may struggle to find in many other parts of Australia or at least as freshly prepared.
Just a few examples of those might include:
  • Barramundi.  This is a great sport fish with a unique flavour.
  • Coral trout.  This is relatively plentiful in the seas around northern Queensland and some people will tell you it’s one of the best tasting fish around.
  • Crocodile (aka ‘Bush Tucker’).  If you never tasted it, don’t flinch!  It’s a very juicy meat and something like a cross between pork and chicken.  It can be served in a variety of different ways and is delicious. 
  • Kangaroo.  OK, granted, you can find this in most parts of Australia.  Even so,from your accommodation in Palm Cove, Cairns or Port Douglas, you’ll find restaurants preparing and serving it in ways you may not have experienced back home. 
  • Buffalo.  This is another favourite in this area and the experts tell us that due to its lower cholesterol, it makes a great substitute for beef.  It also more than stands favourable comparison with beef based upon taste alone. 
  • Emu.  This is a red meat bird but with very low cholesterol and fat.  It is also high in protein so makes pretty healthy as well as delicious eating.
One of the joys of visiting Far North Queensland is trying some of our fabulous restaurants and the sometimes slightly unusual but innovative ways that they prepare and serve food.  As you might imagine, given our location, fish always features prominently on the menus here but may include varieties you might be rather less familiar with.
Why don’t you get up here as soon as possible and try some of this for yourself?
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