Top Reasons to Visit Port Douglas

Each of our resorts in Far North Queensland has its own personality and we love them all!

In fact, we don’t normally like stressing the virtues of any one of them over another. Even so, we are sometimes asked about the particular benefits and attractions of a given area so we do our best to highlight them.

Here is our very personal view as to why you will probably love for a stay in Port Douglas.

1. Quiet solitude. Port Douglas has an air of ‘getting away from it all’ that is quite special and distinct.  It has a very different (not better or worse, just different) ambiance to say Cairns.  If you like a feeling of quiet separation from the world, then Port Douglas is for you.

2. Fantastic beaches and countryside. Yes, that’s applicable to much of Far North Queensland but Port Douglas is particularly blessed with an abundance of lush forests, hills and stunning sandy beaches.

3. From your accommodation, Port Douglas offers a staggering range of excursions to nearby attractions.  It doesn’t really matter what your interests are, you’ll find plenty to keep you occupied up here!

4. Some great dining experiences. There are some really good local restaurants in and around Port Douglas, all offering a wide variety of cuisines. Fresh local produce are a particular speciality.

5. The chance to explore some local wildlife. If you’d like to see animals in their natural surroundings, then nothing could be further away from suburban domesticity than this part of Far North Queensland.

So, is it for you?

Well, we don’t have any experience of clients saying they didn’t like Port Douglas. That must say something!

If you like all of the above things then you’ll enjoy this location. If you prefer big-city attractions on your doorstep you might prefer to select something from our accommodation options closer to Cairns.

Yes, you’re spoilt for choice!