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Added : January 14, 2016, 21:57 pm
Last Updated : April 20, 2016, 18:38 pm
Title : Thala Beach Lodge

A glorious day, as every day in FNQ is, we drove from Cairns to Port Douglas for a day change. Cairns is such a perfect place to visit because of her proximity to everything wonderful, splendid and tropically gorgeous.

The drive north, up the magnificent Cairns beaches coast line, is a slice of Heaven.   Our perfect weather and vivid blue sky and ocean against the green of rainforested hills makes for perfect photo opportunities. If you are a keen photographer you have just got to do our northern beaches drive!

The destination focus for our mini day break was the magnificent Thala Beach Lodge: a privately owned five star luxury beach resort, situated 38 kilometres north of the city of Cairns and 16 kilometres south of the village of Port Douglas.

Gorgeous timber bungalows are privately scattered amongst a hundred and forty five acres of wooded headland, coconut plantations and secluded beaches. It is the world’s most beautiful private beach location and many visitors have told me that Thala was the highlight of their FNQ visit. To stay there, they said, was an experience of a life time.

Day visitors are welcome for morning/afternoon tea, lunch or just for a private little indulge. We regularly visit for their scrumptious teas and their exemplary service. They are experts in getting it perfect for their visitors. Nothing is too much trouble and their customer service is very, very special. It is a pleasure to visit Thala and to be treated like royalty. Can you image how you would be treated as a resident guest!

The lodge is built atop a hill, overlooking beach on three sides and rainforest on the other. Naturally, parking space is premium so valet parking takes all the guess work out of where to park. This brilliant, door opening, red carpet welcome service should be the first hint of the way you will be treated while at Thala Beach Lodge.

The breath taking Coral Sea scenery from the circular guest lounge perched high amongst the Poplar Gums and the sheer luxury of the resort was a pleasure to behold. A wander around the private rock pool and the even more private timber bungalows introduced spectacular views and bush walks that left me amazed at how Thala Beach Lodge hospitality had blended perfectly with the environment. PERFECT! This was eco tourism and five star quality service at its finest.

As we wandered, all staff that interacted with us treated us as special guests, like VIPs, and provided us what ever information we requested about the Lodge and surrounding area. I was greatly impressed by their knowledge, their attention to detail and their friendliness. Not knowing that we were locals, they offered to book a courtesy bus to show us the surrounding beauty between the Lodge and Port Douglas. I was almost tempted to leave our car parked and take them up on their offer.

To stay at the magnificent Thala Beach Lodge contact me to book you a first class experience that you will never forget. Airport pick ups in Cairns can be arranged and not having a vehicle will not hinder your experience in any way at all.


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