Swimming in Far North Queensland Staying Safe

Children and the Sea
There are many professional associations and bodies who provide extensive advice on bathing safety for families and children.

At FNQ Apartments we don’t claim to be specialists in beach and maritime safety
and we always strongly advise that local professional advice and guidance is followed. 
We can help you find where to obtain that if necessary.

There are though a few basic common sense safety tips relating to children and the seaside that we’d always recommend visitors keep in mind.

1. Younger children should never be left unattended on the beach or in the sea.
2. Even if you are on the beach with your kids, do remember to keep a close eye on them.  It only takes a second for a child to do something unwise and potentially put themselves in danger of drowning etc.

3. Be particularly careful with children playing in the water with inflatable toys of a type they can climb onto or into and use as a boat.  They can very quickly drift out of their depth and suddenly there is a crisis.

4. Children, even those in their earlier teenage years, often don’t have a sense
of needing to keep track of where they are in the water vis-à-vis a reference marker point on the beach.  In other words, they can start to drift to the right or left and become confused and panic when they realise they can no longer see their parents or party. Keep watching them!  

5. Train them from the very earliest age to be aware of local safety advice and to follow it.

6. Don’t allow them to go out too far, even if they are still well within their depth, if they are weak or non-swimmers.

In terms of beaches and accommodation, Port Douglas, Cairns and Palm Cove have some beautiful opportunities to enjoy the sea for adults and children alike.
A few basic precautions and staying alert should keep everybody safe.