Sea Temple Port Douglas recommendations from 12 Cairns young people

A quick survey of Cairns young people (15 to 25) revealed that Port Douglas is a favourite haunt of theirs because it offers something for everyone.


Specifically, eight young people suggested that Port Douglas is their first choice to showcase to visiting relatives.


The beach, the market and the choice of accommodation were the top three answers for reasons to visit Port Douglas.


Accommodation choice was interesting with all 12 young people saying that they knew of the Sea Temple, Port Douglas.


This is what they said they knew about the Sea Temple:


  • It is beautiful
  • It is on Four Mile Beach
  • It's flash (editorial translation - upmarket) but normal people can stay there
  • People who love to play golf have a golf course there
  • You can get tours to visit the Great Barrier Reef or the Rainforest from the resort
  • There's a swimming pool with a bar
  • Some of the apartments have private plunge pools
  • If I wanted to impress my girl I'd take her there
  • At the day spa you can have a whole range of treatments in total luxury
  • Drop dead gorgeous surrounding with different styles of accommodation
  • The Dads play golf, the Mums hang out at the Spa and the kids hit the beach
  • My parents took me there for a graduation present. It was amazing and I recommend it to everyone.



There you have it: amazing Sea Temple Port Douglas recommendations from 12 young Cairns locals.


We love the Sea Temple, Port Douglas too and we are way past the young person status. Obviously, it is a place that caters to all tastes and ages.


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