Sea Temple Port Douglas - Sophisticated and Relaxed

In the tropics of North Queensland, you will find the seaside village of Port Douglas and there, on a secluded part of the lovely Four Mile Beach, you will find the Sea Temple Port Douglas - one of the top 5-star Port Douglas Resorts with one of the best pools you are likely to encounter anywhere. With only a handful of such Resorts in North Queensland, the Sea Temple Port Douglas stands out as a beacon of sophistication and relaxation. 

Honestly, when you arrive at the entry to Sea Temple and gaze through the reception hall at the sparkling, blue pool, the swaying palms and poolside bar, you will believe you have found heaven. Think comfy chairs, poolside sun lounges, warm sunshine, drink in hand and nothing but relaxation ahead. 

Sea Temple Port Douglas

Being located right on the beach, the Sea Temple Port Douglas is perfectly positioned for guests to enjoy the lovely laid back lifestyle of the tropics. Just a short stroll and you are in the natural bushland that buffers the Resort from the beach. Moments, and you are on the one of the best known and photographed beaches in Australia – Four Mile Beach Port Douglas. The wide, hard beach is perfect for games, bike riding, walking or running – in other words you have fun, fun, fun at your door. 

As you wander around the Sea Temple Port Douglas Resort, stroll the bush path to the beach, take a few lazy strokes in the pool or lounge on your balcony, you will notice you are not the only one feeling the serenity. Guests find the Resort the perfect place to find the holiday vibe, to unwind and let go. You will soon realise just how far from your everyday world you really are. There is nothing like being under the tropical sun in a place where you need have no care in the world. 

Sea Temple Port Douglas

Just a 7-minute drive and you are in the main street of Port Douglas but at Sea Temple Resort & Spa you are a world away. Lounging by the pool or strolling on the beach you could be anywhere in the world, but lucky you, you are at the Sea Temple Resort Port Douglas!! 

No need to leave the Resort, as here you will find everything you could possibly desire. Enjoy the delights of the poolside bar, wander off to Aqua Restaurant and indulge in some fine dining on the deck still soaking up the sun and laid back atmosphere that is Sea Temple Port Douglas. If the mood takes you, sneak away to Vie Spa and indulge in the exquisite range of body treatments.  

Every good Resort must have a great Spa and again, Sea Temple Port Douglas ticks the box. The soothing, gentle environment of Vie Spa allows time out from noise and distraction at the same time as creating a sense of luxury and extravagance which is well worth the time and money. Do not leave this Resort without treating yourself to the day spa. 

Sea Temple Port Douglas Resort

By night, the ambience of Sea Temple Port Douglas lights up as the flares are lit over the pool and the flames work their magic, the reflections in the pool sparkle and dance and you must think hard to remember where in the world you are. Evenings at Sea Temple are blissful, with soft breezes, the warmth of the day still radiating around you, friendly people to assist with everything you need, clinking glasses, delightful dining and then the ultimate peace of your beautiful Apartment. 

Sea Temple Port Douglas is the absolute epitome of the tropical lifestyle of Port Douglas. It is the kind of holiday that dreams are made of. Ring us on 1300 731 620 to arrange your dream holiday.