Please Keep Uninvited Guests out of your Picnics in Far North Queensland

We’ve said many times that much of Far North Queensland remains truly wild country.

It is nature at its best and most beautiful and all of us, whether local or not, want to keep it that way.

However, some of our ‘locals’ up here have been getting a bit greedy of late and stealing peoples’ picnics. Now before you think that Queenslanders have suddenly turned to ‘grabbing grub’ from others, you need to know that these locals are the Cassowaries.

These are lovely creatures and a firm favourite in much of the area but they recently have been forgetting their respect for the property of others and ‘tucking in’ to picnics left unattended for a few moments. Their favourite trick is to take advantage of people who’ve gone for a quick dip in the sea and left food unattended. They’ll opportunistically move in and suddenly, you’re short of a few snacks and goodies you were looking forward to once you’d dried off.

Ok, this is actually quite cute and nature is one of the great attractions that helps make Palm Cove, Cairns and Port Douglas luxury apartments so popular.  However, it has a slightly more serious downside.

Cassowaries have a slight tendency towards laziness at the best of time and ‘free tucker’ in picnic baskets or on plates just encourages that.  Some naturalists are worried that these creatures will become more and more dependent upon human feeding and loose some of their natural instincts and survival patterns. 

So, there’s now an official request. By all means, enjoy looking at these animals along with all the other natural Far North Queensland wildlife but don’t intentionally feed them. Linked to that, please try also to make sure your food is secured inside a basket or hamper if you need to step away from it for a short while – that’s for their benefit but also yours if you were hungry!