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Added : January 31, 2017, 20:04 pm
Last Updated : January 31, 2017, 19:06 pm
Title : New Design Trend in Cairns

A local artist and designer has launched a new range of clothing, selling it (in part) through a street-wear outlet on Grafton Street called “Penlan Street Co”.

The style is fashion and urban in nature but with a local Far North Queensland flavour. For example, green forest camouflage but very chic and trendy caps.

Now you may or may not like the style and we’re not promoting it! We’re mentioning it though to reemphasise just how vibrant and trendy a city Cairns is.


Well, as we’ve said before, however much you fall in love with the local attractions such as the sea, beaches, countryside and of course, our wonderful luxury Cairns accommodation, you’ll probably also be keen to do something else at times – particularly in the evenings. You won’t be embarrassed for a lack of opportunities because this city is a great centre of culture and activity.

For example, something’s ALWAYS happening on the esplanade with emphasis on local talent. If you want a party, you should try Gilligans on Grafton Street. Looking for something a little more intellectually demanding? Then why not try the much-loved Rondo Theatre.

Don’t forget also the Cairns Regional Gallery and the Bundarra Fine Art Gallery up in Port Douglas (near our accommodation there of course).

Really, this is only, at best, scratching the surface of the real ‘buzz’ that exists in and around this part of Far North Queensland. There is so much to do that your biggest problem is likely to be fitting it all into your holiday agenda.

Then again, that’s easily solved:

  • come and stay longer;
  • come and see us more often!

We hope it goes without saying that nobody knows better than we do where these attractions are, what’s on in them and how to get tickets.

So, don’t hesitate to ask – we’re here to help!

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