Marlin Fishing in Far North Queensland

Just recently, the local council in Cairns erected a huge bronze statue of a Marlin. That was as a tribute to the fish and the local sports fishing industry it has supported.

It reminded us just how popular the seas around here are with game fishermen.

The statue has been erected partly to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the catching of a 482 kilo (1064lbs) Black Marlin nearby. This marvellous creation was cast in Melbourne and shipped up to us.  It has been installed ahead of the anniversary Marling tournament being held over several days from 25th September.

The seas around Cairns have been very popular over time with international celebrities trying their luck with the big fish. That includes ex-US President Jimmie Carter, Bob Hope, Greg Norman and Lee Marvin.

Now it’s true that while we can promise you fantastic luxury apartments, Cairns visitors have to rely on their own luck and skill to catch the big fish. We can’t make any promises in that respect!

However, you’ll probably be unsurprised to know that we have some great contacts and experience in things like fishing charter trips.  We can put you in touch and make arrangements with some of the best skippers around and while even they won’t be able to promise big fish on your line, you’ll have a much better chance than simply heading off on your own with someone less experienced.

Of course, not everybody is fishing-mad.  So, if you’re travelling as a couple or en famille, no worries! Whichever of you is interested can go off and fish for the ‘big uns’ and there’s just so much else to do in Far North Queensland that you can be sure the others won’t be bored.  In fact, they might suggest you leave them alone more often to enjoy themselves!

So, if you like fishing, let us know. We’ll do the rest!