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Added : January 14, 2016, 21:57 pm
Last Updated : March 15, 2017, 21:58 pm
Title : Island View Apartments Palm Cove

Hi Troy,

I am more than happy to provide feedback as we thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the Island View Apartments Palm Cove in April 09; with our request for a top floor 3 bedroom apartment and spa achieved by your staff as it was for a special ‘zero’ birthday. Thanks for arranging the transfer; all worked like clockwork; however next time I think we’ll hire a car at least for the first few days. The greeting by the boutique collection staff was all very relaxed; with the lady only mentioning her name after she’d settled us in, but nearly everything was covered off in the apartments booklet of info (apart from how to use the intercom near the pool).


We’ll be requesting apartment #13 next time that’s for sure; but I’m sure they are all just as nice. My sister stayed at Island Views Palm Cove last year and said it was one of the most relaxing holidays she and her husband had ever had and spent most of their time on the balcony reading and taking in the view. Speaking of the view - your website showing the blue view with palm trees was exactly what we got. I easily managed a book a day sitting on that couch. Not being a real sunlover it was great to enjoy a bit of sun in the morning having breaky; then a dip in the pool and the rest of the day between balcony and dips in the pool which amazingly we had almost to ourselves most days; it was lovely and quiet. This surprised us given it was just after Easter and still in school holidays. I was worried April might have been a bad time to venture far north, but apart from a very first hot and humid first day we had sunshine every day; a bit breezy some days, but you need that and only one afternoon of rain which was superb to watch from the balcony; still nice and warm and dry; the very perfect conditions for a G&T whilst my husband cooked on the outdoor barbie.


As you can see we loved the location, the view and the huge apartment so we didn’t feel the need to venture outside other than for a few breakies and dinners and Coles to stock up on a few essentials. We soon realised the busses were fairly frequent and seemed to stop right across the road so we hopped on one to go down to the local shopping centre, but realised after waiting for ages in the same spot where it dropped us off that they departed from another location up the road on the Highway (maybe that needs to be communicated in the apartments book).


Activities – there certainly is plenty to do if you choose to but we know we’ll be back soon so there is no hurry for us; it was purely a relaxing holiday and went home to chilly Melbourne fully-recharged. Going from 30 to 3 degrees was a bit hard let me tell you!!! We took a jetski out for 1/2hr which was a bit of fun hooning around but I think next time we’ll have Dave ferry us around in the morning so we get to see a bit more. Thanks again to you and Sarah. I’m sure we’ll be putting that voucher it to good use soon!!




Troy, feel free to tidy this holiday experience story for your website and thanks again. My husband loved the holiday but upon returning I’d realised he’d secretly been planning a surprise 40th birthday party for our return home. Next time he won’t have that stress! Very happy he pulled it off though; it was a lovely way celebrate.





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