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Added : January 14, 2016, 21:57 pm
Last Updated : December 19, 2016, 19:40 pm
Title : Interesting Nights Out in North Queensland

Our customers often ask us to give them ideas for interesting night out while they are holidaying in the tropics.  It does not matter which destination you choose; Cairns, Trinity Beach, Palm Cove or Port Douglas there is something interesting to do in the evenings.

First of all there are interesting sunset experiences.  Apart from Sunset Cruises in Cairns and Port Douglas, you can also take a Harley Bike ride to a beach and watch the sunset while sipping something cold and luscious.  Or free of charge, you can sit on the rocks at Trinity Beach and watch the evening close in until the stars come out and then wander off to Cafe for fish and chips.

In Cairns you might like to try your luck as crabbing.  Take a tour and catch a crab and then dine on it on the boat.  Can\'t possibly get any fresher than that.

A night out at Flames of the Forest is magnificent indeed.  You arrive to the welcome of flares and bubbly.  Enjoy a robust excellent meal and learn a little more about Australia\'s cultural background with the local Indigenous people.

Or from Port Douglas, take a short drive to Thala Beach Lodge before it gets dark.  Stroll down to the Beach and have a drink at Herbie\'s Shack before heading up to dine at Osprey\'s restaurant and enjoy the view before the sun goes down or the ambience once the dark settles in.

For an interesting night out, Tropical North Queensland has it all.

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