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Added : January 14, 2016, 21:57 pm
Last Updated : December 19, 2016, 19:25 pm
Title : How to have fun in the sun without getting sun burnt

The weather is warming up here in Far North Queensland. Locals and visors alike can be seen enjoying our favourite past time: swimming.


Our region offers a number of swimming options (beach, pool, public lagoon and freshwater streams) so be sure to discuss your needs when you book your FNQ apartment.

Here\'s five must do health tips while walking, exercising or swimming in our wonderfully tropical Far North Queensland region.

  1. Wear sunscreen. Even on a cloudy and overcast day, the sun\'s rays penetrate and reflect back off our vast amounts of water. The higher the SPF (Sun Protection Factor) and UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) the better.
  2. Wear a hat. In Australia we have a very successful sun protection program known as Slip, Slop, Slap. Slip on a shirt, slop on sunscreen and slap on a hat. Covering up to create your own shade is vital protection against the harsh sun and its dangerous UV (ultraviolet) radiation.
  3. Drink plenty of water. Dehydration can happen quickly; particularly for people unused to our tropical environment. The combination of salt (visits to the reef or swimming in the ocean) and extreme heat can dehydrate you like a sultana. Carry water with you everywhere and keep sipping. All shops and restaurants in the region sell bottled water. If for any reason the local water is unsafe to drink, there will be warnings in your accommodation.
  4. Visit the rainforest or take air conditioned tours in the middle of the day. Stay out of the sun around mid day. With the suns rays directly above us, shade is difficult to find. I think we should have mid day siestas but with so much to see in our beautiful area who wants to sleep!?
  5.  Everything in moderation…including the sun. You will begin to burn in 20 minutes, even with sun screen on. Without sunscreen, you can start cooking immediately (I do!). Take small swims or walks and follow the above tips. Sun burn is sun damage.

We want you to enjoy your stay with us. We want you to be active and amazed with all  Far North Queensland offers. The best way to do that is to stay hydrated, protected and cool. Follow the above five tips and you are bound to have fun in the sun.

One last thing….FNQ Apartments have air conditioning. It is delicious on a hot day. Tour buses and the majority of restaurants and coffee shops are also air conditioned. Sun and heat relief in FNQ is only a sit down for a cool drink away.

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