Holiday homes with FNQ Apartments

FNQ Holiday homes are popular for short term family holiday rentals. At FNQ Apartments we have beautiful and spacious holiday homes on our Cairns northern beaches and up to Port Douglas.


Particularly popular with multiple families who want to holiday together, it makes for a very affordable holiday when the cost is shared. Most importantly though, holidaying with other families reduces the work load and creates more time for holidaying. Can you imagine having holiday fun with your friends while watching the kids swim or preparing the barbeque? Better still; just imagine going to wash the dishes and discovering someone has already done them.  Yeehaw, that's my type of holiday!


Families' holidaying together was popular in the 1970's. Many baby boomers have generous memories of whole streets going away together to the same holiday destination. Cousins grew up knowing cousins and childhood friends stayed friends for lifetimes. Shared history and collective memories created reasons to communicate with each other and pathways for caring about each others kids and each others lives.


What happened to those days when we all looked out for one another? Life happened. Commerce and growth happened, the suburban crawl became a gallop and individualism took over.


However, a new trend is developing and extended family and groups of friends' holiday bookings are become usual again. Shared histories and shared costs are back on the holiday agenda and FNQ presents value for shared family holidays with our wonderful array of large house accommodation and easy access to reef, rainforest and hinterlands.


If you are entertaining a holiday away with extended family or family friends, ask us about the holiday homes we can book for you. Because we are local, we can also tell you about the area and what there is to service the holiday needs of each and everyone one of the holiday makers in your group.

What are you doing for Christmas? Can you imagine an extended family Christmas at beautiful Port Douglas? What an exotic WOW factor that would be! Check out our Port Douglas Holiday home options.