Have you considered a Healthy Weekend Away in FNQ

We are sometimes surprised to hear people saying that they don’t have time to take a holiday in Far North Queensland.

Of course, we really do understand the pressures of modern business life and just how precious your time can be. Walking away from your desk for one or two weeks can be difficult to justify at certain times of the year.

Yet on the other hand, nobody seriously disputes these days that you just must get away from the stresses and strains of a highly demanding job if you are to maintain both physical and mental wellbeing.

Now while Far North Queensland may be a long way from where you live, it isn’t exactly on the other side of the planet for most Australians! It is perfectly possible to find some great Cairns or Trinity Beach accommodation and get yourself up here for a fantastic long weekend.

Just two or three days by the pool or on the beach can prove to be a huge battery-recharger for most people. Studies have shown that even short breaks can have a very positive effect on things such as stress hormones and blood pressure levels etc.

So, why not contact us here at FNQ Apartments and let us rise to the challenge of finding you a great weekend away where you can forget about the cares and woes of your daily life - even if that’s just for a few days. Yes, we’d love to see you for a longer period but you and those close to you might benefit massively from even a few days away if you just cannot get the time off for a longer break.

So, pick up the phone or contact us by email and get ready to start exploring this incomparable part of Australia and Far North Queensland.