Gorgeous Granite Gorge Cairns Tablelands

Granite Gorge is one of FNQ’s best little secrets. Just over an hour’s drive away from Cairns, near Mareeba, it’s right on the edge of the outback with striking scenery that you won’t find anywhere else.  

Granite Gorge can become totally submerged in the wet season but with it’s giant boulders exposed in the dry season it becomes a natural adventure playground. The boulders were caused by volcanic activity forcing them up and the result is kids heaven – it’s got rock hopping and scrambling, trails to walk, caves to explore, swim holes and waterfalls. And, amongst all the fabulous scenery there’s the rock wallabies, abundant birdlife, the occasional turtle in the weir and possums. There are 3 different walking trails, all approx. one kilometre in length.

Granite Gorge is also in the general vicinity of the Tablelands coffee trail if you want to mix it up with a little more sophistication.

Granite Gorge is located on Chewko Road (there are signs directing you just before you enter Mareeba). Entry to the nature park costs $5 per person. For more information go to www.granitegorge.com.au or call 07 4093 2259.