Far North Queensland - Holiday Statistics Show Increasing Popularity

We don’t normally try and convince people to come and explore this part of Australia by quoting advanced maths, formulae, differential equations and statistical algorithms. We sort of find that the beaches, countryside, forests, seas and wildlife do a far better job of persuading holidaymakers to get themselves up here.

Don’t worry either, we’re not going to start trying to change that here!

However, we just had to share some recently published statistics to show just how much our home area is catching the world’s attention.  It seems that over 2015-16:

1. our growth in domestic visitors was higher than anywhere else in Oz – with figures being up at 2 million visitors or an increase of 13.6%;

2. international visitor numbers also rose to 850,000 or 13.3%.

It’s worth noting that these figures only cover Tropical North Queensland and don’t include visitor numbers to other parts of the state.

What does this tell us?

Well, we don’t like blowing our own trumpets up here but it shows just how well Far North Queensland is developing its leisure infrastructure and how successfully it’s being publicised.  It a tough economic world, people are ever more careful about where they spend their money on holiday and this growth is a positive vote for our home.

Now it’s true that stats in themselves don’t necessarily mean much in some cases but here the message is clear – all these visitors can’t be wrong! We’ve been singing the praises of this area for years and we’ll continue to do so and stress not only the natural attractions but also the excellence of our Cairns and Port Douglas luxury accommodation (etc.).

So, don’t let everyone else enjoy all that Far North Queensland has to offer while you sit at home wondering whether to come and see for yourself or not. Book now!