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Added : June 27, 2016, 17:11 pm
Last Updated : June 27, 2016, 17:12 pm
Title : Falls Rescue Reminds Us about Nature

Not far south of Cairns is the truly beautiful Josephine Falls.

This is magnificent countryside and very popular with swimmers, hikers and lovers of the nature. You’ll know from the past that we’re immensely proud of the countryside in far North Queensland and we’re always keen to help our visitors to discover it.

However, a minor word of warning is perhaps timely following the recent, fortunately very successful, rescue of a young woman from the flooded falls’ pool area.

The land around Cairns is stunningly beautiful but it is still largely nature as it originally existed. Much of it has been hardly touched by man and that’s one of its big attractions. It also means though that it’s necessary to be careful when out and about – particularly if you’re not used to really wild country.

We will be only too happy to help you select one of the many excursions into the lands around Cairns to explore its beauty but going on organised trips is always a smart idea – particularly into the more demanding country. Local guides and experts will not only help you to see all there is to see but they’ll make sure you stay safe too.

If you are independent of spirit and want to do your own thing then that’s great too but plan in at least a little time to talk to us or other locals in order to obtain safety advice and exploration tips. A few minutes talking to an expert over a beer before you set off might prove to be invaluable later on.

Most of the more popular wild country attractions will have some degree of safety advice signposted locally. Even if you don’t like signs much, it really is advisable to take note of them and avoid thinking that you’re somehow immune.

FNQ is an amazing place. Come and explore every inch of it from your FNQ luxury apartments base – but stay safe while you’re doing so!

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