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Added : January 14, 2016, 21:57 pm
Last Updated : November 30, -0001, 00:00 am
Title : Driving into Palm Cove on 22nd June 2009
Hello Holiday People,

Don't tell the police... But this morning after playing 9 holes of golf at Paradise Palms Golf Course (dam I suck at golf - will put some photo's up in the next couple of days), I couldn't help but drive the extra 5 minutes to Palm Cove, stick my Nokia N96 out the window of my BMW M3 (ok its 9 year old Magna - but one day I'll have a BM) and film what it's like driving into Palm Cove this time of year! It's such a beautiful day... About 9.30am, warming up to around 25 deg (expecting a top of about 28-29 today), joggers were out, bike riders, beach walkers, the sun was glistening of the calm, clam water - so nice!

Check it out - the video goes for about 2 minutes and it gets a little monotonous (not really Logie quality) but it'll give you an idea of how amazing it is to spend time in Palm Cove Australia at this time of year... If only to get away from the cold!!!

We've got a bunch of super deals - it's true there are bargains to be had at the moment with the world in the way it is - so before you confirm your Palm Cove accommodation, day tours, car hire ... be sure to contact us so that we can ensure that you are being looked after!

Holidays are a special time, we all work so hard each year to have this time away, it's worth chatting to a local group to ensure that you everything will go according to plan.

Anyway the suns getting a little hot out here on the balcony (starting to get burnt), going to head into the office and do some real work. lol

Remember to leave your work & problem mind at home when you holiday and enjoy the space that is Palm Cove.

See you soon


P.S. Hmmm imagine getting away from the desk, from your office and putting yourself in that car driving into Palm Cove on route to your amazing accommodation for the next 7 days. lol

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