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Added : October 06, 2016, 18:30 pm
Last Updated : March 16, 2017, 02:57 am
Title : Drink Alcohol in Moderation in the Heat

Alcohol, in moderation, is a pleasure for many people.

Some would say that there’s nothing nicer than a glass or two of local wine to make for a nice evening. In fact, there are some very good local wines produced around here, including our famous banana wine!

However, around our discerning Cairns, Port Douglas and Palm Cove luxury accommodation, you’ll find the very best wines from all over the world. We’re far from parochial.  

It’s true that for health reasons, alcohol should always be consumed in moderation. Yet we thought we’d explain why experts advise a little extra caution about quantities when the surroundings are very warm.

Alcohol is a diuretic. That’s a polite medical way of saying it affects the human body by making it need to visit the WC a little more often than usual.  The problem with that is, in a warm climate ideally you really need to retain your body’s fluids not jettison them faster than is necessary.  That can help lead to dehydration which, as we said before, can range from being mildly unpleasant to a serious health risk.

So, do take care about how much alcohol you consume in our tropical environment.

How much is ‘moderate’ versus ‘excessive’? We wouldn’t presume to tell you!

Actually, a lot depends upon your age, weight, overall health and to some extent, your individual metabolism.  Although doctors argue about this, there is some evidence that whether you’re male or female can make a difference too, if all other things are equal.

The conclusion though is simple and generic. Enjoy yourself with alcohol but do keep an eye on how much you’re consuming – particularly if it’s earlier in the day when temperatures may be at their highest and when you could be spending time in the sun.

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