Don't Forget Port Douglas Market

One of the big attractions of Port Douglas is its sense of natural beauty, calm and isolation.

This really is a tropical paradise getaway for those who like to think that the worst of civilization is a long, LONG way away over the horizon. The area has a certain relaxed, Bohemian and slightly ‘alternative’ lifestyle that our guests love.

However, much as we might all love to play the desert island castaway, the reality is that most of us also like to sneak back to the modern world a bit from time to time. Staying at our Sea Temple Port Douglas luxury accommodation, you’ll be able to do exactly that!

One great place to visit to remember what society is all about is the weekly Port Douglas Markets.

They were established around 25 years back and are a great local tradition now every Sunday. Shortly after the market was founded, the local council declared it to be a “Cotter’s Market”.  The term Cotter goes back to Mediaeval English and originally referred to someone (a peasant or ‘villein’) who was tied to the land, legally speaking.

OK, we’re digressing – the point is that today’s Cotter’s market definition means that stallholders must be the ones who produced their wares. So, you’ll see the very best of local fruit, vegetables, other foodstuffs and crafts. It’s fantastic fun to not only look and perhaps buy but also to get the chance to talk to the people who produced the goods on sale.

There’s usually parking available nearby but the market itself isn’t paved and the floor can be a little uneven if you have a pram or someone in a wheelchair – though it isn’t exactly an obstacle course either.

It’s a really colourful place and a great way to spend an hour or so on a Sunday. After all, you can’t spend 24H a day on that wonderful beach!