Christmas in Cairns – FAQs

We regularly get questions about holidays in Far North Queensland over Christmas.

Here are some of the more frequent and our answers.

Is the area busy at Christmas?

Yes it is.

Many people love spending Christmas up here because there’s just so much to do. Everything is open and full of life and vitality. It’s one of Far North Queensland’s busiest times of the year.

What about tours and attractions – are they busy?

Certainly they can be. For example, it’s not unusual to find some of the boat trips to the Great Barrier Reef are booked up around 7-10 days ahead.

We have numerous local contacts and can work wonders getting you tickets for this or that but not even we can always work wonders if things are left too late. So, as we always stress to our clients staying in our Cairns, Port Douglas or Palm Cove luxury accommodation every year at Christmas time – BOOK EARLY!

Saving said that, we haven’t yet had Santa fail to ‘turn up’ due to him being overbooked!

Is accommodation available on a ‘last minute’ basis?

It’s really impossible to say. So much depends upon what you’re looking for and exactly where.

All we can say is firstly, that the Christmas and New Year periods are very popular and secondly, do please contact us ASAP for a discussion of your exact requirements.

Once again, please forgive us for saying DON’T DELAY until the last minute before checking – unless you really have no alternative. If you do, you risk disappointment.

What’s the weather like?

December temperatures range from around the mid-20s up to the low 30s.

It’s also the first month where the rainy season starts to build but the average rainfall is far lower than in say January or February.