Children and a Long Drive

As you might expect, many of our guests and visitors arrive in Far North Queensland by air.

However, quite a few also drive and take the opportunity to see something of the wider country en route.

Driving on holiday in Australia is often something that involves big distances and necessitates planning.

That can be particularly true where younger children are involved, as their attention span is limited and their patience quite often even more so.

Here are a few tips about keeping your kids occupied in the car, to help you arrive at your Cairns accommodation with your nerves and sanity intact!

1. Assuming your children don’t feel nauseous when reading in the car, make
sure you have plenty of books and comics available.
2. These days it’s also possible to keep kids amused for hours on end with one sort of electronic gadget or another.   
3. Engage them in conversation and some verbal games or quizzes. True, this is probably only likely to be well received by younger children but it can make time pass relatively quickly.
4. Try to plan in lots of regular stops to see sites of interest as you go past or even just to let them stretch their legs for 5-10 minutes. It might help reduce the number of “Are we there yet?” questions!
5. Even if you don’t approve of sweeties and snacking, you might want to
think about making an exception for a long car journey. Just handing out the occasional treat to kids can again burn a few precious minutes in terms of their interest.
6. Where possible, try to change places in the seating arrangements of the car. This doesn’t have any real physiological purpose but it’s just something else to do to break the monotony of a long drive.

Of course, in spite of all the above tips, a long car journey with younger children is always something of an endurance test. Good luck!