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Added : January 14, 2016, 21:57 pm
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Title : Cairns is reef rainforest and outback

Tropical hub of Far North Queensland, Cairns is a thriving city with her tentacles in the arts, commerce, tourism, industry and farming. Once a sleepy country town, Cairns now services an international tourism market with international tastes and requirements.


Situated right beside the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns is the last city before the tip of Australia. An international and domestic airport connects Cairns to the rest of the world and there are several flights a day in and out of major Australian cities.


Cairns offers a base for experiencing the best Australia offers. From Cairns you can do day trips (or longer) to a number of coral reefs, swim with whales, stay on tropical islands or lie back on beautiful mainland beaches, wander into the ancient rainforests for a magical experience you cannot experience anywhere else in Australia, head to the outback, visit ancient Aboriginal rock painting, head to an Aboriginal community, shop, eat, play, enjoy.


Our personal recommendation is the 5 kilometre (round trip) Cairns Esplanade. What an action packed place, PERFECT for a spot of exercise, people watching and foreign language practice. HIGHLY popular with tourists and locals, the Esplanade offers a magnificent free lagoon to swim in, Barbecues, bike tracks, picnic and playground areas, bird life galore and magnificent ocean front scenery. Cairns Esplanade is THE place to visit for some free rest and relaxation.


The Cairns Esplanade is easily accessible from any of the Cairns accommodation houses. When you book your Cairns accommodation with us, we can tell you exactly how far you are from the Cairns Esplanade.


Here's a snippet of six fun things to do in Cairns:



  1. The Reef:  Our crowning jewel, the Great Barrier Reef is an easy boat trip from Cairns. Although the Great Barrier Reef runs for 2000km, it is at its closest to shore from Cairns to Cooktown, hence local advertising, where the reef meets the rainforest. Did you know that the Great Barrier Reef is the only living thing seen from outer space and is the most well known of the seven natural wonders of the world? We live here and we love it so be sure to book your reef holidays with us and we’ll throw in some of our extra special locals knowledge for you.

  2. The Rainforest: The hills are alive, not with the sound of music but, with a green patchwork quilt of trees, vines and ferns. Spectacular, natural and ancient, Cairns is surrounded with Natural Heritage and state forests. A visit to the rainforest is an amazing environmental adventure. Our rainforests, our natural surrounds, are the most botanically fascinating and diverse area in the world and they remain as the last pristine wildness on earth. To walk in our rainforest is to walk in ancient history and experience how life once was on many parts of the planet.

  3. The Esplanade: Five kilometres of walk along the Cairns sea shore. Tropical, busy, palm trees, bird life galore, boats coming and going to the reef, people soaking in the sun, playing games and exercising - the Cairns Esplanade offers something to everyone.

  4. Botanical Gardens: A restful tropical oasis filled with the smells and feels of Australia: tree ferns, orchids, bush tucker and medicine, gingers, heliconias. Renowned as having the best tropical exhibitions, the Gardens is Far North Queensland. Also visit the Gondwanan Heritage Garden right beside the Botanic Garden.

  5. Day trips to the Beaches, the Atherton Tablelands and south to some amazing swimming holes. We are a compass lovers paradise. North, south, east and west, our region offers you day trips so you experience ALL we have to offer - outback, mountain fed fresh water swimming creeks, great barrier reef, and the beautiful faming district of the cairns Hinterlands.

  6. Culture: Tropical hub of Far North Queensland, Cairns is a thriving city with her tentacles in the arts. Experience Australian Indigenous culture (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander), the many markets in the region (creative and farmers - famous ones are Rusty's Market in Cairns and the Port Douglas market) or any of a myriad of Art Galleries.
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