Cairns Aquarium – Progress Update

We’re always keen to see great new facilities being developed locally and one of the best of those underway right now is the Cairns Aquarium.

Located on the corner of Abbott and Aplin Streets, construction now is well underway.  From the artist’s impressions, it’s going to be a visually stunning building and will incorporate state-of-the-art facilities.

OK, we know you probably won’t visit this marvellous centre just to take note of the materials it uses or its environment control systems – well, unless you’re an architect of course! Most visitors will be interested in the exhibits and displays with much of it based upon local Far North Queensland species. Apparently there will be something like 15,000 fish and other aquatic animals so there’ll be plenty to see.

The target opening date at the time of writing is April 2017 and everything seems to be running to schedule for that. We, along with many of the guests at our Cairns luxury accommodation apartments (plus those at other locations too!) can’t wait for it to be ‘up and running’.

We won’t apologise for repeating something we’ve said before. This area is absolutely jam-packed with great attractions and not all of them necessarily involve the beach, sea or countryside. Wonderful as all those things are, Cairns and other local towns offer a wide variety of diversions for all the family and all age groups.

That’s a big deal at times because there are inevitably days when you fancy doing something apart from the beach, swimming, diving, fishing and exploring the countryside etc.  It sounds hard to believe when put like that but it’s true!

So, the Cairns Aquarium is going to be a welcome addition to all that.

Prices? For an adult it’s $36.95 with reduced prices for children and senior citizens. There are also some great deals on for family tickets too.

So, come along and see it once it’s open!