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Added : January 14, 2016, 21:57 pm
Last Updated : April 20, 2016, 14:43 pm
Title : Cairns Accommodation and Rafting

At FNQ Apartments we are sometimes asked what there is to do locally apart from ‘the beach experience’.

Well, it’s really difficult to answer that question because frankly there is so much to
talk about that we’d need to write a book!

Here, we’re going to pick out one thing alone - though don’t assume this means we favour it above any other of the area’s recreation facilities.  It’s just that it’s a great experience if you like a degree of excitement and stunning scenery.

We’re talking here about rafting on the Barron River.  This river and its stunning local protected rainforest scenery are located no more than about a 20 minute drive or so from most of our Cairns Accommodation.

Once there, you can get a half-day rafting session that includes basic training and the provision of all safety equipment.  You’ll receive about 2 hours on the river and you’ll go over some good rapids, though at a level normally approved for beginners (technically they’re grade 2-3) so they will be exciting rather than dangerous.

The companies providing this great introduction to rafting can also arrange accommodation transfers for you, which may save you messing around with driving if you prefer to leave your car at your apartment or hotel.

If you’re worrying, water levels on this stretch of the river are normally guaranteed so there’s no real prospect of you making the journey from your Cairns Accommodation only to find upon arrival that the river is bone dry!

If you’ve never tried it, rafting is a great experience.  It’s not only exciting but quite demanding and you can be sure that you’ll meet some great like-minded people and see a real ‘esprit de corps’ developing.

Of course, rafting isn’t the only non-beach activity that we at FNQ Apartments can recommend.  One of the beauties of Cairns Accommodation is that it ideally positions you to explore the very best in Far North Queensland.  If you’d like further ideas, why not drop us a line and let us share a few more thoughts on local opportunities with you?

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