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Added : January 14, 2016, 21:57 pm
Last Updated : April 20, 2016, 14:40 pm
Title : Australians Love Australian Beach Holidays

It’s quite a sad tradition, in some circles, for the cynics and detractors to do their best to knock Australian coastal holidays.

Here at FNQ Apartments, we’ve never entirely understood that tendency but respect other people’s viewpoints of course.

However, some interesting statistics published in 2013 show that the reality of life for many Aussies is that holidays in their own country continue to be extremely attractive when compared to overseas destinations.

Just some of the key high points of the figures indicate:

  • 60% of domestic holidaymakers rated Australian coastal destinations as being better than those in places such as Bali and Thailand etc.
  • Tropical North Queensland was consistently rated as one of the top two beach holiday destinations.
  • Value for money was very highly rated in Australian holidays and to a higher extent than that of holidays abroad.

These results come as no surprise at all to us at FNQ Apartments. We know that all the holidays in our area offerincomparable facilities, stunning beauty and excellent value for money.  For example, some of our Palm Cove accommodation or Cairns apartments are quite simply amongst the best of their type that you will find anywhere in the world.

These positive statistics are particularly evidenced within the family and more mature traveller sections.  In those groups there is not only greater emphasis placed on value for money but also conditions such as security, ease of access and confidence surrounding health and related issues.

The survey perhaps actually underplays one other issue and that is the range of ancillary facilities in the surrounding area designed to allow visitors the chance to experience a range of things other than simply those directly associated with the beach.  Far North Queensland is quite simply unrivalled in that respect also.

We’re looking forward to seeing a continuation of statistics such as those mentioned above and welcoming increasing numbers of visitors to this beautiful part of the country.

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