A Story of the Early Bird and the Best Accommodation

Are you like so many people and in the habit of last minute bookings, thinking that is when you will get a deal?

That can work, but not if you want school holidays in Port Douglas or Palm Cove. Every school holidays, the favourite accommodation in Palm Cove and Port Douglas will be booked out early - no deals!! 

At least a third of the favoured Apartments will be booked in one school holidays for the next year, while people are there!! This is true my friends, the early bird definitely gets the premium Apartment. 

And if you aren't booked for September or December school holidays by June, it is just about all over red rover!! 

So here is some insider information to help you get the most out of your holiday accommodation:-

  • For the premium peak times like school holidays (and these now go for a full month) book early, there will not be any last-minute deals
  • Rates start to drop from mid-October onwards to around 20 December. Mid October is hugely popular as the weather is still lovely, the Reef is glorious and the prices very affordable. Book for this time at least by April.
  • Early to mid-November is booked out early by people leaving Melbourne while the Melbourne Cup hoards are in town. These people know to book early. Book by early June.
  • Easter school holidays are very popular but tend not to book out so early. Try for these by October the year before.
  • May until the end of June is also very popular as again the weather is nice. The first 2 weeks of June book out very early. Think about bookings for those dates now.
  • Surprisingly August is a month that, if you leave it a bit late to book, it can be very hard to get into accommodation you like. People come for long stays in August, 2 weeks and more is very common. No Later than May if you have something preferred in August or you want to get a really good price on a longer stay.
  • Beach Club in Palm Cove is one of the most popular of Resorts, much loved by families and couples alike. It is also one of the hardest to get into if you are a bit late booking, so I recommend being very early to nab the best spots at Beach Club. 12 months in advance is very sensible.

We know the tropical north of Queensland like back of our hand and would be delighted to help you through the maze of booking accommodation. Give us a ring on 1300 731 620 or email us on info@fnqapartments.com