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Added : August 25, 2016, 17:41 pm
Last Updated : November 30, -0001, 00:00 am
Title : Top Tips for Safe Sunbathing in Far North Queensland

Our fantastic beaches and incredible accommodation is all sure to achieve one thing at least – getting you to relax in the sun!

Luxury relaxation is exactly what locations like the Sea Temple Palm Cove specialise in.

Now although most Australians should know this off by heart, we thought it worthwhile to offer a few ‘refresher’ tips about safe sunbathing.

  1. Know your skin type. If you’re pale-skinned and have red or naturally blond hair, you should only use the heaviest sun screen protection factor and carefully manage your time in direct sunbathing.
  1. Don’t overdo sunbathing. Whatever your skin type, plan a sunbathing regime that controls the amount of time you spend ‘soaking up the rays’. You can find lots of advice on the durations and such on the internet.
  1. Always use a barrier cream. It’s a total myth that if you’re tanned already or have darker skin that you somehow can’t get burned. Take advice on what protection factor is suitable for you and use that cream/spray etc.
  1. Start off gently. If you’re unused to being outdoors in strong sunlight, don’t ‘go for it’ on day-1. Use heavier protection factors for the first few days and don’t spend more than a few minutes directly tanning.  You can reduce the protection factor to moderate levels (unless you’re very fair skinned) and increase your sunbathing time as your skin acclimatises over a few days.
  1. Top up regularly. Your selected cream will make recommendations about how frequently you should ‘top up’ your protective layers. Don’t disregard this as marketing hype but rather follow the advice given.
  1. Don’t assume water protects you. It’s perfectly possible to get burned in the pool or in the sea. In fact being in water can lull you into a false sense of security, as you may just not feel that you’re overheating.

Enjoy the sun but treat it with respect!

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