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Added : May 13, 2016, 05:51 am
Last Updated : November 30, -0001, 00:00 am
Title : Tea in the Tropics

The humble cup of tea is becoming more popular in Australia as murmurings continue that tea drinking is about to become the next big thing!!

Not only are there plenty of places to get a really good cuppa tea in the tropics but we just happen to grow the stuff in the area. You can see tea growing in the Innisfail hinterland, on the Atherton Tablelands and even in the Daintree.

Here are my top spots to stop for a moment and enjoy a brew that is quintessentially Australian and will get you right in to the swing of things:

  • Bridges Cafe at Mt Uncle Distillery is far and away my favourite (let me tell you I know a good cuppa as I have been sipping it since I was a toddler on my Father's knee)
  • Thala Beach Nature Reserve and have tea among the trees. Not only will you get a great cuppa but the views and ambience are magic.
  • The Botanic Gardens Cafe in Cairns serves a good brew of Daintree Tea alongside waffles it is hard to beat.
  • Perottas at Myers in Cairns Central Shopping Centre is an unlikely venue I know, but is in my top 5 and I am an expert tea drinker (specialising in High Teas)
  • Freshwater Train Station Cafe serves a great cuppa in real tea cups. Goes well with their brekkie.

If it is a High Tea you are chasing, you would do well to leave that to another location like Canberra, Sydney or Melbourne. I find them a bit average in Far North Queensland. Better to try Tea in the Trees at Thala.

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