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Added : May 08, 2017, 16:03 pm
Last Updated : June 29, 2017, 20:15 pm
Title : Peppers Palm Cove Beach Club is the Best

Every time I visit Beach Club Palm Cove I am reminded of how amazing it really is, whether I am staying in a Penthouse Suite or a Hotel Room, I find Beach Club truly wonderful. I know that thousands of others love it as well ‘cause it can be near impossible to get a room there at times. And every time I visit Palm Cove, while other Resorts can be virtually empty, Peppers Palm Cove will be pumping.

Just last week, I was in Palm Cove doing our annual inspections and Beach Club had people everywhere poolside, while the other Resorts were as quiet as could be. That tells you something for sure. 

Located beachfront, Peppers Palm Cove is much loved Palm Cove accommodation for families, friends and couples. Of all Palm Cove Resorts, Beach Club is the most popular, booking out well in advance for premium dates.

The location is one of the factors for popularity, it is opposite the patrolled swimming area and right among the restaurant precinct. Mums and Dads have told me they get the littlies to bed at night then ask one of the restaurants to prepare them a takeaway and have a date night on their balcony. It only takes a moment to pop out and get the meal.

As the saying goes, location, location, location.

***LOCALS TIP***: If you can manage it, have the high tea at Peppers Restaurant, it is really good, just book in advance – several days.

Another very appealing aspect of Beach Club Palm Cove is the selection of Pools allowing free choice as the day goes by. The favourite of the pools is the sandy beach lagoon pool which is great for all comers and particularly for the littlies. The sandy beach has a graduated walk in, so the little ones can play on the edge while older kids can venture further out. This pool is very large so it is unlikely you are ever going to feel crowded.

Adjacent is the contemporary pool, which is where the adults tend to hang out, soaking up the sun on the lounges and cooling off in the spa or under the waterfall. While it is not the lap pool of the Resort, it is still useful if you feel the crazy urge to extend yourself during your holidays.

Then there is the lovely Serenity Pool, which is my favourite, as it has little alcoves providing lots of privacy and since I love the summer at Beach Club, the Serenity Pool is always cool. The lush gardens surrounding the pool are also cooling and soothing and this pool is rarely, if ever, overrun with kids.

***BONUS***: The Serenity Pool has Swim Ups – the only ones in the Resort.

Now if the Pools and location are not attractive enough for you to make Beach Club Palm Cove your chosen Resort, Peppers Palm Cove has the only Swim Up Bar in Palm Cove!! I know, crazy hey but there you go. No wonder this is the most popular of all Palm Cove Resorts, that Swim Up bar will do it every time. AND, THEY HAVE HAPPY HOUR OR 3 EVERY DAY.

To be fair, snacks are also available at the bar. Just remember to take your credit card or have credit available.

Peppers Palm Cove also has tennis court and an exercise room if you feel the need for activity and a wonderful Day Spa if you feel the need for doing nothing – something for everyone. Or if the kids are getting a little testy and need a bit more fun to liven up the holiday, pop across the street to the beach, the patrolled swimming area and the playground. Or take a stroll up the beach to the jetty, pick up some fishing gear from the caravan park and wet a line. See if you can catch one of the Spanish Mackerel that frequent the area.

There are plenty of eateries close by and Peppers Palm Cove has their own restaurant well worth a mention here. As per my tip above, the High Tea is a treat, an indulgence, I made it my last meal of the day. However, Lime and Pepper Restaurant is so much more than a high tea. If you like to start your day with breakfast there, you can have box seat overlooking the Coral Sea, or close out your day with a cool drink in that same spot.  It is a good restaurant, give it a try.

If you fancy a stay at the most popular of Palm Cove Resorts, feel free to give us a call on 1300 731 620 or email us on info@fnqapartments.com.

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