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Added : May 10, 2017, 17:12 pm
Last Updated : June 29, 2017, 19:48 pm
Title : Outstanding Palm Cove accommodation – Island Views

When you stay at the beach in Palm Cove you want waterfront with a view – right? At Island Views in Palm Cove you have it and not only that, you will be in the best possible location, right across the street from the beach with the dining precinct nearby.

Island Views is not one of the Palm Cove Resorts – it is simply a lovely Apartment property located on the Esplanade.

I have stayed at Island Views at least once a year for the last 7 years. I have stayed there by myself, with my family occupying several Apartments and with my friends and I love it. I have stayed there in the summer, in the autumn, in the winter and the spring and I love it.

The best thing about Island Views is the huge balcony overlooking the beach – every Apartment has one and on every balcony, you will find lounging and dining furniture. Honestly, I can spend ages there just watching the passing parade, soaking up the breeze and listening to the waves roll in on the beach. Sometimes with a yummy drink or snack in my hand. 

In fact, in the winter time, I took a blanket and stayed on the balcony into the evening, watching the moon rise and the stars come out to play – the stars in the sky that is, though will find movie stars in Palm Cove from time to time.

The balconies have a great barbecue as well as a view and many breakfasts and dinners have been cooked there; meaning a holiday at Island Views in Palm Cove can be mostly outdoors if you prefer. Did I mention the view from the balconies? It is wonderful and looks straight onto the beach.

Inside, if you can be bothered with it, you will find a full-sized kitchen, good enough for a chef (my chef daughter has tested at least 2 of them and found them satisfactory) and certainly good enough for preparing anything you desire. Personally, if Chef Girl had not wanted to do a little testing, I would not know about the kitchen as the balcony was my empire on all stays.

Please forgive me for going on about the balcony but there is more, the master bedroom opens onto the massive balcony and with all glass on the ocean side, you can see the spectacular views from your bed if you wish. And definitely listen to the ebb and flow of the waves on the beach – the best sleeping tonic I know of.

Indulge yourself, as the master bedroom has a walk though wardrobe to an ensuite large enough to host a small dinner party. The ensuites all vary however I have found all of them gorgeous. One has a huge rain shower, another has a large freestanding bath and another has dual showers. It does not matter which Apartment you score, you will be in for a treat.

In addition to the very spacious lounge area which opens to the balcony, there is a second living area, generally called a media room, in most Apartments however there is a billiard table in one and that was a lot of fun, to be sure. I found this a pleasant retreat for meditating and reading when the love of my life was watching football or whatever other program he pleased.

Another truly special thing about Island Views is the Apartment is divided into 2 spaces; the front space with master bedroom, lounge, kitchen media room and full sized laundry and the space at the back of the Apartment where there are 2 Bedrooms and a bathroom. The 2 spaces can be fully closed off by a door, leaving the rear area both quiet and private from the front area.

So, when we were there with our friends, they had the master bedroom and private bathroom and we had the bedroom at the rear and once the door in the middle was closed, we also had a private bathroom. Now that was a treat because it is not usually the case.

Back to balconies again!! The 2 Bedrooms at the rear of the Apartment also have their own little balconies. Now these are not as flash as the great big front balcony, but they are lovely to have, just the same.

The pool is not the hero at Island Views, however it is lovely just the same. Kids seem to have a ball in it judging by the activity I have seen and the happy ruckus coming from that area. Once, we were at Island Views for a recuperative break and the pool was fabulous for the water exercises required.

Island Views Apartments are gorgeous and I recommend them for groups travelling together, families and for couples travelling together, but spend lots of time in the Apartment, they are too lovely to leave.

If you are looking for outstanding beachfront accommodation in Palm Cove, just give us a ring on 1300 731 620 or email us on info@fnqapartments.com, we are locals and we know the area like the back of our hands.

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