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Added : January 14, 2016, 21:57 pm
Last Updated : November 30, -0001, 00:00 am
Title : Melaleucas in Palm Cove
You got to smell to believe it...

Through May - July admist the amazing Palm Cove Accommodation options you'll find and array of 100 year old Melaleuca Trees which are flowering and radiating a scent that you can almost feel upon your skin... its almost as if you can drink it from the air... natural, relaxing... the smell of nature at it best!

Imagine walking down the Palm Cove esplanade on a 28 degree July day, the sun on your skin (the warmth filling your body), not a cloud in the sky, the water oh so calm... as you walk along you can't help but appreciate the amazing smell of the nectar of the huge Melaleuca Trees which surround you... Nestled amongst the various Palm Cove Accommodations the scent fills the air.

Check it out of the vid below... ;)

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