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Added : January 14, 2016, 21:57 pm
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Title : Meet Port Douglas

The best reason to visit Port Douglas is to relax, relax, relax and be pampered like tropical royalty.


The best time to visit Port Douglas is NOW. However, June to October is the peak season when swimming poses no threat from marine stingers and the temperatures are heaven set.


Port Douglas Accommodation is plentiful; from budget through to so many stars I couldn’t count anymore. Apartments are by far the preferred choice but be it a budget studio, boutique apartment or five star reclining, here at FNQ Apartments we will work with you to find the best Port Douglas accommodation to match your needs and budget.


What are you waiting for? See you on Four Mile beach.


Book with the locals. We live here and we LOVE it.


Some history on Port Douglas: Port Douglas was founded in 1877. A gold rush saw the population escalate as people arrived from all over the country to find their fortunes. As the gold dwindled so did the population and Port Douglas virtually disappeared. In 1911 a cyclone wiped what was left of Port Douglas out and it seemed Port Douglas was lost and gone forever.


However, the natural beauty and un-spoilt beaches were soon rediscovered and Port Douglas now has a reputation as a tourist destination like no other: natural, eco oriented and international quality.

Port Douglas is the majestic Australian playground of the rich and famous, yet Port Douglas accommodation caters to the majority of people on a less than majestic budget. A sophisticated, stylish and isolated sea side village on the shores of the Great Barrier Reef, Port Douglas is serene and drop dead gorgeous. A definite must stay there place, Port Douglas pleases everyone who visits.


Just 70 kilometres (44 miles, one hours drive) along a very attractive coastal highway north of Cairns, Port Douglas is a crowning jewel in the far north’s tiara of the best Australia has on offer. Be you interstate or international, rich, famous or one of the rest of us, Port Douglas offers something for everyone.


Here's a snippet of six reasons to stay at Port Douglas


  1. Play golf on world class greens

    Play in paradise at any number of golf courses in Port Douglas. With central rainforest wetlands, rich undulating fairways and spectacular mountain views, Port Douglas offers a golfing experience that can only be savored in this part of the world. When you book with us, tell us you need access to Port Douglas' finest gold courses.

  2. Shop in world class specialty shops

    Port Douglas offers three shopping precincts: The Marina Mirage, Macrossan Street and the highly creative Sunday Markets by the sea. Designer through to resort ware and specialty hand crafted, Port Douglas has developed as a centre of sophistication and fashion. Designer’s stores face ocean views and welcome the fashionista or curious as though you are in the centre of London, Paris, New York or Melbourne….only in a much more fun and tropical way. When you book with us, tell us you need access to Port Douglas' finest shopping experience.

  3. Dine in world class restaurants.

    Port Douglas is famous amongst foodies for its many great restaurants and eateries: inside, outside, or on the beach. Many restaurants of world renown boast famous chefs across all food genres. Stimulate your taste buds by choosing your fine dining experience from the Port Douglas Restaurant Guide (available in all Port Douglas accommodation). Just beware that although we are sure you will have a wonderful holiday in Port Douglas, we cannot guarantee that you will not put on weight when eating the best Port has to offer. When you book with us, tell us you need access to eat at Port Douglas' finest restaurant: Sassi at Bale - winner of 2010 Gourmet Traveller Award.

  4. Access day trips to World Heritage rainforests.

    Two world heritage zones are within easy reach of Port Douglas: the celebrated Daintree and Mossman Gorge. Personalised trips or organized tours, journey into our ancient rainforests and experience the wonder of eco tourism. Visit areas of cultural significance, spot a cassowary, eat tropical fruit or wonder at the density of rainforests that have diminished in other parts of the world. Our world heritage areas are spiritual experiences that burn the value of sustainability into our consciousness for many years to come. A fantastic opportunity for young and old alike, you cannot visit our world heritage region without learning something new and leaving a changed person. When you book with us, tell us you want to visit the rainforests around Port Douglas.

  5. Dive or fish the Great Barrier Reef.

    The ocean and coral reefs off Port Douglas offer the best fishing and diving world wide. Find Nimo, nautilus, turtles and feather stars as you dive or scuba on the Great Barrier Reef. First time divers are welcome, trained on board their tour boat and supported through their first dive while everybody has to have a go at snorkeling. The reef life is nothing short of amazing, breath taking and a memory to cherish for ever. While fishing is banned on and around the Great Barrier Reef, deep channels and multitudes of tropical islands off the coast offer fishing that attracts the serious and the amateur fishermen. When you book with us, tell us you cannot vist Port Douglas without visiting the Great Barrier Reef.

  6. Take a ride on an original steam train: the Ballyhooley operates from the Marina Mirage station in Port Douglas every Sunday (Market day). Travel the track of cane cutters and gold miners and view two resident crocodiles just near the old church. Don't fall in!  The trip takes approximately 1 hour and introduces you to the beauty and history of Port Douglas.


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