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Added : August 03, 2016, 20:12 pm
Last Updated : August 04, 2016, 15:14 pm
Title : Far North Queensland and Mozzies

One of the things we’re commonly asked is what to do about mosquitoes.

Of course, there are mozzies up here – just as there are elsewhere in Australia. We need to put this into perspective though before saying more.

There are some times of the year when mozzies are few fewer in number than others.  It’s also the case that around the coastal resort areas they’re typically much less of an issue than might be the case say in the deep rainforest regions of Far North Queensland.  Many people that visit, say, Palm Cove accommodation (or any other coastal resort for that matter) have absolutely no problem whatsoever.

Now it’s true that some people are more attractive to these little creatures than others.  Scientists have all sorts of ideas on why that’s the case but the bottom line is simple, if you are prone to mozzie bites then you should pay attention to the idea of using repellents. In fact, even if you’re not very vulnerable, it might still be a good idea “just in case”.

There are plenty of types available. Some people swear by certain brands whilst others prefer different combinations. There are many helpful hints on the internet or if you prefer, we’ll be only too glad to offer advice based on our own experience.

You can also use a range of ‘natural’ preparations. Some of those involve garlic, lemon and other flower extracts.  We’ve seen one that highly praises a 50/50 mixture of Dettol and baby lotion oil!

Many of these are of the ‘home brew’ variety but you can also purchase natural repellents made by well-established companies.

There are also a few very basic common sense steps you can take to avoid being bothered when travelling into the countryside. We won’t go into detail here though – just give us a call instead.

See you soon!

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