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Added : January 14, 2016, 21:57 pm
Last Updated : April 20, 2016, 14:17 pm
Title : Exercise and Gyms in and Around Cairns

In Far North Queensland you are going to find some of the best food and drink around.

While that’s fantastic, it can lead to some holidaymakers, well, perhaps letting their hair down a bit and consuming a touch more than they normally would !

That then quickly leads into thinking about the need for a bit of exercise in order to burn some of those excess calories off. That’s fine because in this beautiful part of Australia you’ll find endless opportunities for things like swimming, snorkelling, hiking, riding, running and cycling etc.

However, if you like your exercise to be a little bit more scientific and systematic, there are also some great gymnasia in the area. Here are just a few we know of though please remember that things can change and you may need to research the specifics when you are visiting or  ask us to help you to do so.

All of these will be convenient from our Cairns accommodation apartments.

·     Active Health Club -

  • Edge Hill (07) 4053 8600
  • Smithfield (07) 4055 6050

ProBalance 24 Hour Fitness - 274 Mulgrave Road

Performex Studios -  34 Lake St

·     Sportsworld Fitness Centre -  268 Gatton Street

·     Your Fitness - Pier Point Rd

There are plenty of others though. Of course, we can’t claim to know them all or to have personally checked out those listed above. Please don’t read the above list as a recommendation.

Most gyms in the area will allow you to join based upon a daily, weekly or monthly membership, so you won’t have to spend a fortune to get in and flex those muscles.  Most of the gyms will have their own web sites where you can check out their systems and see if they’ll fit your own requirements and expectations.

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