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Added : June 20, 2016, 20:14 pm
Last Updated : November 30, -0001, 00:00 am
Title : Cairns – A Great Cultural Centre

We very regularly hear people praising up this part of FNQ for its beaches, countryside and dining etc.

That’s fantastic and we’re more than happy to take the praise, while feeling glad we live here. Keep it coming!

However, we’d like to draw your attention to the fact that once the sun sets, Cairns doesn’t close up apart from restaurants and bars. We have a vibrant and innovative arts and entertainments scene here too.

For example, at the time of writing a playwright is earning very positive reviews for a production by the Jute Theatre in the Centre of Contemporary Arts in Cairns. Another re-visited play set in Sydney in the 1990s is also getting rave views at the Rondo Theatre.

If you think that ‘innovative’ claim above was unproven, well, consider that Emmy-winning entertainer Toni Childs will shortly be giving an underwater concert to a whale (and others on the surface) at the Great Barrier Reef.  A very special helmet and some other incredible technology are making that possible – just in case you were wondering!

On some Sundays you can also go to an evening of song, well, in fact it’s called a “soirée” because it’s great classical singing of popular numbers but it only last 45 minutes. It can though introduce you to some of the Opera and other classics.

Now the point in mentioning these things isn’t to claim that Cairns rivals New York, Paris, London, Sydney and Melbourne as  a vast cultural centre. We do though have a very active life in the arts which is a million miles away from that beach, sea and rainforest imagery seen in many posters.

If you’re staying in any of our Cairns luxury accommodation, we can help you find tickets to events such as those above.  There is always something on and you’ll find plenty of choice too.   

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