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Added : January 14, 2016, 21:57 pm
Last Updated : July 13, 2017, 18:12 pm
Title : Book Creators Expo in Cairns Sept 2010

Cairns and Port Douglas has its fair share of writers and famous authors. The amazing beauty of the place loans itself to creativity plus. What a peaceful place to write. What a magnificent place to come to highlight your own books if you are a writer!


During Peace Week 2010, our local Book Creators Circle is holding their annual book expo.


Peace Week is usually celebrated in July, this year it has been moved to September 2010, marking the last year of a "Decade for the Culture of Peace 2001 - 2010" and the beginning of the International Day of Peace celebrations.


Writers from all over Australia will be converging in Cairns for the Book Creators Expo (September 25, 2010) to showcase their books, attend workshops and to network with our guest speakers: Barbara Ramsay Bossert (Melbourne writer, actress and film maker) and Helen Ross (Brisbane children's author).


If you are in Cairns during Peace Week, rub shoulders with local and national writers. Who knows where this may springboard your writing career to?


A book of Cairns based poetry is launched at the Book Creators Expo this year. I have had the pleasure of a pre read and I guarantee that the book is a PERFECT memento of your trip to stunning Cairns. Buy one or two of the poetry books to take home with you to continue experiencing the emotion, the taste and the smell of our mistress, Cairns.


When you book your Cairns, Trinity Beach, Palm Cove or Port Douglas apartment, be sure to mention that you intend to visit the Book Creators Expo. We'll make sure you get the best accommodation deal possible and give you details on how to get to the expo.

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