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Added : January 14, 2016, 21:57 pm
Last Updated : November 30, -0001, 00:00 am
Title : Are you ready for your holiday

Are you ready for your holiday?

Here at FNQ apartments we hope to be seeing you shortly in Far North Queensland.
We do though sometimes see holidaymakers who have experienced the odd trauma ‘back home’ due to an oversight or two. So, we thought we’d share with you a quick checklist based on some of our past experiences.

1. Have you made arrangements for your pets to be looked after?

2. Have you left your home keys with a trusted neighbour or friend in case of an emergency?

3. Have you set up your answerphone or phone-rerouting so that you can deal with any urgent calls that might arise in your absence?

4. Did you pay any bills where the due date falls while you are away?  It might save you returning home to nasty letters or worse.

5. Have you switched off your water supply at the mains?  It’s not always
essential but could be a good idea in case you spring a leak.

6. If you have tank or mains gas, have you switched it off?

7. Are any pets staying at home, such as goldfish, supplied with appropriate food?

8. Did you think to tell neighbours you will be away and ask if they can keep an eye on your house and call the police if they see anything suspicious going on?

9. Hopefully you have the phone number of a close friend or neighbour on you that you can telephone in an emergency, should anything occur to you while you’re enjoying those lazy days in your luxury Cairns accommodation?

10. Have all perishable foodstuffs been removed from the kitchen and anywhere else where they might transform themselves into an unpleasant green mush ready for your eventual return?

OK, you shouldn’t even for a moment think about spending most of your holiday worrying about what is going on back home but a few precautions like those above just might help you relax that bit more!

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