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Title : About the Cairns region and things to do around Cairns

FNQ Apartments covers the HUGE geographical area of Far North Queensland from Cairns north to the tip of Australia. There is so much to do and see here: the reef, the rainforest and the outback, all rolled into one.


Have a look at these areas of interest:


Cairns: Tropical hub of Far North Queensland, Cairns is a thriving city with her tentacles in the arts, commerce, tourism, industry and farming. Once a sleepy country town, Cairns now services an international tourism market with international tastes and requirements. Situated right beside the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns is the last city before the tip of Australia. An international and domestic airport connects Cairns to the rest of the world and there are several flights a day in and out of major Australian cities.

Trinity Beach: Just fifteen minutes north of Cairns lies Cairns best kept secret. The tropical white sands of Trinity Beach span an ocean edge that runs, undisturbed, for miles. A narrow road separates the beach from a foreshore of shops, accommodation, restaurants and privately owned homes. A beautiful and safe site to behold, Trinity Beach is a family friendly place to visit. An ideal holiday location for singles or families, Trinity Beach offers a tropical lifestyle close to the activities of a major regional town: Cairns.


Palm Cove: Winner of an Australian Gourmet Traveller Award, Palm Cove is the spa and wedding capital of Australia. Just 30 minutes north of Cairns, Palm Cove is our premier beach. The pristine beach of Palm Cove is lined with palms and plenty of shade for beach goers to have a break from the far north’s constant sunshine.


Port Douglas: The majestic Australian playground of the rich and famous, Port Douglas caters to the majority of people on a less than majestic budget. A sophisticated, stylish and isolated sea side village on the shores of the Great Barrier Reef, Port Douglas is serene and drop dead gorgeous. A definite must stay there place, Port Douglas pleases everyone who visits. Just 70 kilometers (44 miles, one hours drive) along a very attractive coastal highway north of Cairns, Port Douglas is a crowning jewel in the far north’s tiara of the best Australia has on offer.


Cooktown: History to the max, Cooktown is the spot where Captain James Cook moored to fix the crippled Endeavour after running aground a tropical reef. The last of the wild frontiers, Cooktown offers a wilderness experience that includes the living history of Aboriginal Australia meeting the Palmer River Gold Rush, Chinese influences and the stunning architecture of early Australian establishment. Renown for its fishing, Cooktown was the favorite haunt of Lee Marvin and his annual Marlin fishing holidays.


Cairns Hinterland: Just an hour west of Cairns, the Cairns hinterland offers the green undulating scenery typically associated with southern and farming Australia. Built around Mt Bartle Frere (Australia’s second highest mountain), the hinterlands is much cooler than Coastal Far North Queensland and therefore surprises visitors with cooler temperatures (frosts in Winter) and glorious fruits and vegetables. Ancient trees, remnant from cleared rainforests and magnificent waterfalls, the Cairns Hinterlands of the Atherton Tablelands is tropical magic with a frosty topping.


Cape York Peninsula (Mareeba to the tip): Outback Australia, a fascinating place of dingoes, kangaroos and frill neck lizards, is the antithesis of rainforest and coastal parts of FNQ. Also known as Aboriginal Australia, a visit to the Aboriginal paintings in the caves near Laura is an experience sure to impress and educate. Experience a way of life typical to cattle stations and children who school through school of the air. Rich in the spirit and legends of the Australian bush, the Cape is a diverse melting pot of culture, flora, fauna and industry.


Places absolutely worthy of a visit while you are here in FNQ (disclaimer – there are so many wonderful things to do and see – this is but a sample of our favourites):


Tjapukai – the north’s only Aboriginal Theme Park owned and operated by our local Indigenous people. Experience spear throwing, didgeridoo playing, cultural demonstrations, corroboree or have a go at traditional bush tucker. There’s a fantastic gift shop and restaurant. If time is an issue for you and you want to experience our Aboriginal culture than Tjapukai is the place to go.


Paronella Park – Living the dream, a cane cutting immigrant Spaniard  bought hectares on the river, cleared them, built a castle and Australia’s first hydro electricity generator and turned his home into a place of rest and relaxation for the hard working cane cutters of the area. He built a ball room, a movie theatre and introduced a work life balance like never before experienced by our early Far North Queensland settlers. And then the dream came to a close….until recently.


Daintree Rainforest – An amazing and historic place of national heritage where tree kangaroos and Cassowaries still live in the wild. The Daintree is approximately 1200 square kilometers and is the largest continuous area of tropical rainforest in Australia. The Daintree is a natural classroom and offers an eco visit unsurpassed by any other rainforest in the world. The last bastion of hope for rainforest and tourism to reside together, the Daintree is one of Australia's finest wonders.


The waterfall circuit – The Cairns hinterland is known for its waterfalls and it is possible to do either an organized tour or a self drive tour of the waterfall circuit. Platypus inhabit the waterfalls so approach with silence and you may just see some of our happy little Australian natives frolicking in the waterfall pools. If you are looking for cool swims minus the risk of crocodiles or marine stingers then the water fall circuit awaits you. A photographer's dream come to life, many of our waterfalls feature in Australian television shows and commercials.


Josephine Falls – South of Cairns, Josephine Falls has a natural water slide. Yes sir, there is a popular water slide down a smooth sloping rock face between icy cold pools. Kids, big and little, LOVE it and it is well worth a visit. It is very popular with family groups and is a wonderful way to see how Australian families spend their leisure time. This one is magic plus.


Kayak to Double Island – Take a 30 minute paddle across from beautiful Palm Cove and land on one of Australia's most exclusive holiday getaways: Double Island. The island is fringed by reef and kayakers often report seeing dolphins, turtles and huge colourful reef fish. So close to the water provides an experience unable to be had by more traditional means of transportation.


Helicopter flight to the outback – Coo-ee (an Australian slang call - Australian slang is called, slanguage), climb aboard for a low flying flight into the outback. Experience the vast change from coast to inland and see herds of kangaroos and wallabies, cattle and perhaps even a dingo or two move away from the big bird above. Stop off for some damper and billy tea and have a yarn to a local stockman.


Guurrbi Tours – This is spectacular and is Indigenous art at its best. Travel, north of Cooktown, with a traditional owner to secret places where the history of his people are recorded on the rock walls of caves. Hear the stories of Aboriginal life and what they thought when they first saw white fellas. An award winning tour – take in outback and Aboriginal Australia for a truly unique Australian experience. A1 tour. Traditional owner and Aboriginal elder, Willy Gordon is Australian tourisms own mascot.


Thala tea for two – Undoubtedly a highlight for we foodies and luxury lovers, the Thala tea for two experience is a little civility in a lot of eco naturalness (Thala Lodge is an eco-lodge just south of Port Douglas). Take high tea nestled high in the Poplar gums above the private and exclusive Thala Beach and gaze upon the azure beauty of the Coral Sea.


We’d love to hear your experiences and recommendations of places to visit in FNQ. Contact us at FNQ Apartments and share your visits of worth.

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